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5 Years Without an Accident With a Leave of Absence

By January 8, 2021May 23rd, 2023No Comments

How will you be five years from now?

It looks like a job interview, but it’s about corporate goals.

Five years ago, we established a zero-accident goal and drew an action plan with time frames, people in charge, and a time horizon. In the beginning, SIPATs (Occupational Accident Prevention Week), goals for managers, T-shirts. Then, audits, behavioral feedback, indicators, and some program with a four-letter name that is easy to remember.

Only then did we realize: it will always be about people.

The Company trains. It identifies and mitigates risks. It provides the PPE and creates an environment of transparency and trust, so that contributions can be encouraged. But the result comes from a sum of everyone’s actions. From the respect for each other and for the rules. By understanding and enhancing standards and procedures, in an action and monitoring cycle.

We have proudly completed more than 150 million accident-free seconds. A collective job, from registering a near miss, feeding a Bird’s triangle, to the shareholders’ decision to brought forward a 2023 Capex to this year, allowing us to accelerate our EH&S investments.

Congratulations to our team and thank you everyone who contributes and drives us to be better and better.

We remain focused. Safety is the only pillar in which yesterday’s success does not warrant today’s success.

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