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TECNOSULFUR Makes Donations to the “Projecto Acolher” Project

By December 18, 2020May 23rd, 2023No Comments

Whenever possible, we proudly demonstrate our partnership with the Office of the Sete Lagoas City Secretary for Social Assistance, now through our contributions to the Projeto Acolher project, one of the main social units of that Office, which shelters people in a situation of extreme vulnerability.

Created in 2008, Acolher is a space dedicated to recovering human dignity. It has qualified professionals, including pedagogy practitioners, social assistants, psychologists, social educators, and general services, to serve especially people in a situation of absolute necessity, such as those who are homeless, unsheltered due to abandonment, migrants, or people unable to provide for themselves.

Once again, our team are also making their individual contributions and getting friends and family engaged. In addition, next Sunday, we’ll be promoting a special lunch for those registered with the Institution.

Those wanting to learn more about the Project or even leaving their contribution can visit Acolher at Rua Estrada dos Tropeiros 326. There, you will get to know touching stories of people who lost everything and have found a new hope or even the gathering of a mother and her son 20 years later, thanks to the Project.

This is giving back to shareholders, to the environment, and to society. This is our role.

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