OPTA’s slag conditioners are used to adjust slag chemistry and/or viscosity, facilitating efficient sulfur removal and inclusion engineering. In addition, slag conditioners enhance alloy recovery and protect melt shop refractories. Slag insulators are also used to inhibit temperature loss in the iron and steelmaking process.

By combining physical slag analysis and our innovative simulation capabilities, our products can be tailored to meet specific operational needs.

Opta’s technical team can develop a custom product for your steelmaking needs.

Steel producers are increasingly manufacturing high and low-carbon, structural, unique alloyed, and mechanical steel qualities, all of which have high requirements for resistance, strength, and purity. Inferior quality of raw materials increases process difficulties resulting from the presence of harmful residual elements such as sulfur, phosphorous, hydrogen, and non-metallic inclusion of SiO2 and Al2O3.

Opta can treat and even remove those impurities using secondary metallurgy, cored wires, and slag conditioners. Application of those products comprises precise technical diagnosis using state-of-the-art computer modeling, empirical data from in-situational use, and follow-up by highly qualified technicians. Opta ensures optimum results and customer satisfaction.

Steelmaking Products

Desulfurization Products

Opta has a wide range of desulfurization products covering all areas of steelmaking, from hot metal to steel tapping fluxes to degassing fluxes.


Opta supplies tapping sands for electric furnaces and nozzle sands for ladle needs. Our products include chromite, zirconia, silica, and olivine sands. We can customize sands for any operation to get the best free-open rate.

Insulators & Fluxes

Insulators and fluxes for various steelmaking needs, from acid to basic practices. We sell standard products for ladles and tundishes, and we have developed specific fluxes, including our T3 series tundish flux used in the majority of the thin slab casters in the United States.

Metallurgical Assistance

We can custom-design a product to solve your problems.

Slag & Inclusion Analysis

Optimize slag conditioners and tundish fluxes by understanding how they interact with your slag.


The chemistry of briquettes for secondary metallurgy applications has no real limit in killing steel, killing slag for desulfurization, improving alloy recovery, and slag conditioning.

Blended Granular Synthetic Slags

Granular Lime or custom-blended products to achieve your deoxidizing, desulfurizing, or slag-conditioning needs.

Sintered Synthetic Slags

Next-generation, custom-blended products that provide better handling, precise melting points, lower energy consumption, no hydrogen pickup, and best-quality steel grade.

Granular Slag Conditioning

Sintered custom-blended products to suit specific processing needs. The use of tundish cover permits the reduction of thermal losses and improves steel cleanliness.

Pelletized Products

Insulating Ladle Cover: A cost-competitive, emission-free, pelletized material for heat insulation.

Special Applications

Foamy slag, aggressive fluxes, and silicon pickup. Contact us with any special requirements.

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