We are world leaders in designing innovative technology to solve unique metallurgical problems. We develop novel products and practices to tackle tasks that existing tools cannot address. Where the technology does not exist, we design and build custom equipment to meet the need.

We specify, supply, and implement the latest in technology—keeping you competitive and up to date.

Our globally recognized technology is backed by US patents and designed to optimize steel yield and reduce disturbances during casting.


Installed in over 50 steel plants worldwide, Opta’s SlagTracker has flexible sensitivity settings, precision shroud alignment, and a specialized tundish camera. Our system offers complete control. It ensures peace of mind with internal system verification, sensor failure warnings, and continuous data flow. Plus, our advanced OPC server software supports seamless integration. Customers have reported remarkable benefits, including reduced yield loss, improved steel cleanliness, enhanced tundish refractory life, and minimal maintenance costs.

Furnace Slag Detection & SlagView

Ensure reliable and consistent tapping in EAF and BOF furnaces with our proven Furnace Slag Detection and SlagView technology. Our system offers advanced image analysis that enhances operator visibility, highlights slag in red, and provides alternative views when needed. With cameras built for challenging conditions, including EAF walls and ladle interiors, our solutions offer clear visual access, low maintenance, and flexibility for various applications. It’s not just a tool; it’s a training solution to identify tapping issues early.

TruStir Argon Stirring Control & Arc Monitor

Our advanced TruStir argon stirring control system is a proven technology. Whether you’re using multi-plug, single-plug, lance, or electromagnetic systems, our approach ensures precise stirring. This technology, installed in over 40 plants worldwide, uses an accelerometer and digital signal processing for accurate gas flow measurement, enhancing clean steel practices. Experience immediate benefits like lower argon consumption, extended stir plug life, and improved desulfurization.


Our expertise as system integrators empowers you with cutting-edge hardware and software technology for high-speed data acquisition and analysis.

Using open development environments and a wide array of protocols, including DDE, TCP/IP, DLL, SQL, ActiveX, and more, we seamlessly integrate various hardware, from computer-based instruments to motion control and PLCs. With in-house hardware and OpenGL programming, we deliver rapid system design, prototyping, and modifications, achieving results 4-10 times faster than traditional methods.