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Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

Soda is a crystalline structured abrasive, white in color but often appears as a fine powder. This inorganic compound is high in purity allowing it to have an angular particle shape. The abrasive is extremely soft, with a Mohs hardness of 2.5. It is water soluble and a non-sparking abrasive. Soda is used for fire restoration, graffiti removal and also includes the following:

  • Coating removal
  • Remanufacturing applications
  • Turbo’s and small parts
  • Degreasing
  • Mold remediation removal
  • Fire and smoke damage cleanup
  • Cleaning surfaces in food processing plants
  • Stripping paint off vehicles and aircrafts
  • Powder coating removal
  • Marine anti fouling removal
  • Stainless steel cleaning
  • Aluminum cleaning
  • Historic preservation
  • Automotive blast cleaning

Advantages of Soda

  • Water Soluble
  • No/minimal damage to the substrate
  • Guaranteed free flowing quality
  • No damage of bearings and seals
  • Easy clean up
  • Low nozzle pressure, accurate metering
  • High productivity

Available Sizes

300 micron, 348 micron
Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

Technical Specifications

Chemical Name:
Sodium Bicarbonate
Empirical Formula:

CAS Number:


Color: White
Bulk Density: 62 lb/ft³ (1007 kg/m³)
Specific Gravity: 2.2
Grain Shape: Angular
Solubility: Soluble
PH: 8.4
Hardness: 2.5 Mohs


50 lb. paper bags, 56 bags/pallet


Our Sales Representatives can provide information on the prevention of plant and grass life damage. Please use the following information to reduce any impact on vegetation. Prior to blasting, be sure to soak the area completely with water. It is best to use a sprinkler for several hours to achieve this. Rinsing the area will aid to prevent liquid run-off from soaking into the soil. After blasting, continue to soak the area to thoroughly flush the sodium bicarbonate away from the roots. These steps will aid but not guarantee results.