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Plastic Media

Plastic Media is a non-aggressive granulated plastic abrasive for use in applications where the underlying substrate cannot be damaged.

Cleaning with Plastic Media is a fast, environmentally sound, and cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical and hand stripping. The process is now accepted as the optimal method of surface preparation for a wide variety of materials and components.

Plastic Media is produced from rejected and recycled mouldings, which are crushed, ground, and graded in carefully controlled conditions. Plastic Media is ideal for cleaning or stripping away paint, dirt and grease, deburring, and deflashing from soft and thin substrates, composites, aluminum, fiberglass, and delicate parts without harming the substrate.

Plastic Media is used in the stripping and maintenance of airframe structures and components, in the gentle removal of coatings from aluminum and steel components, selective removal of paint layers (e.g. automotive), and in the deburring and deflashing of electronic components.

Plastic Media is produced in a variety of plastic types, with the size and hardness to suit the application.

Plastic Media Photo

Advantages Of Plastic Media For Blast Cleaning

  • Wide range of products and grades available for different jobs and profiles
  • Gentle – cleans without damaging substrate
  • Non-toxic – 100% silica-free
  • Approved to US Military Specification P85891A and Rolls-Royce CSS 227
  • Low breakdown rate
  • Low dust

Available Sizes and Grades

Type Profile
Type II UREA Media

Coarse Grade 3.5 MOH (54-62 Barcol)

More aggressive than Type V, this media is suitable for general surface preparation work such as mold cleaning, removing carbon deposits from engines, paint and coating removals, without distortion or damage to relevant substrates.
Type III Melamine Media

Medium Grade 4 MOH (64-72 Barcol)

Our most aggressive grade, perfect in electronic applications for printed circuit board cleaning, and in industrial applications for deflashing, deburring and dejunking.
Type V Acrylic Media

Fine Grade 3.2-3.5 MOH (46-51 Barcol)

Ideal for dry-stripping delicate or thin sheet composites and without damage or distortion. Used extensively in the aerospace industry for paint removal on fuselages and cleaning structural components prior to inspection.
Poly A Polyamide Media

1mm 20-30 Barcol

This media is available in any colour and a variety of sizes. Ideal for deflashing thermoset plastic parts and also deburring machined diecast components.


  • 250 lb drums