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Ebonygrit – Copper Slag

Ebonygrit is produced from metallurgical slags and provides fast blast-cleaning rates. Three grades are available to suit most common blasting operations. The hardness and high density of Ebonygrit give it a high resistance to fracture with very low dust formation during blasting, as well as faster blast-cleaning speed when compared to local slag abrasives. This abrasive is commonly used for restoration of heavily painted steel bridges, ships, and water towers.

Ebonygrit is a disposable high-density blasting slag made from a by-product of copper production. Ebonygrit distinguishes from light-weight blasting slag, due to its high density property.

Typically, the majority of its composition is iron oxide and silicon dioxide, formed when molten slag is quenched in cold water. This cooling process fractures the slag into coarse and angular particles, making it an ideal blasting slag with optimal blasting properties.

Advantages Of Ebonygrit – Copper Slag

  • Very high cleaning speed
  • Very low dust level
  • Lower abrasive consumption
  • Recyclable
  • Crystalline silica levels are less than 1%

“In some cases, the reduction in dust has been at least 70%… The productivity increase has been in the area of 60% faster…” – Decker Inc./Echo Bridge Inc.

Benefits Of Using Ebonygrit

  • Reduces slag consumption rate
  • Increases blasting productivity rate


  • California Air Resource Board (CARB)
  • Meets SSPC AB-1 Specification: Type II – Slag Abrasives, Class A – Crystalline silica less than or equal to 1.0%

Available Sizes and Profiles

Size Profile
#EG 14 –
provides 2.8-4.0 Mil profile
All-purpose size for cleaning structural steel, bridges, tanks, ships, water towers, etc.
#EG 20 –
provides 1.5-3.0 Mil profile
Utility size for the removal of light rust, paint and mill scale

How does Ebonygrit – Copper Slag perform?*

Cleaning rate: 295-360 ft2/hour
Consumption: 4.10-7.35 lb/ft2

*Based on internal tests. Rates vary based on blasting pressure and nozzle size.

Technical Specifications

Symbol Name Percentage

(Iron Oxide) 53-60%


(Silicon Dioxide) 32-37%

(Aluminum Oxide) 3-6%
CaO (Calcium Oxide) 1-3%
MgO (Magnesium Oxide) 1-2%
Zn (Zinc) <1.0%

(Silica, Crystalline Quartz) <1.0%
LOI (Loss on Ignition) < 0.01%


Colour: Black
Bulk Density: 135 lb/ft3
Specific Gravity: 3.8
Grain Shape: Angular
Solubility: Insoluble
Hardness: 7 Mohs (see our hardness index)


  • 50 lb. paper bags, 56 bags (1.4NT) / pallet
  • 3000 lb. Super Sacs
  • Bulk