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Galaxy Garnet

Garnet, derived from mined Almandite and Andradite mineral deposits, is a semi-precious stone. Once extracted, it is processed and then screened to the desired grade.

The combination of the high density and physical properties make Garnet nature’s most highly eficient, effective and safe abrasive for both wet and dry blasting applications.

Opta Minerals is one of North America’s largest miners, importers, and processors of Garnet Abrasives.

Advantages of Garnet For Blast Cleaning

  • Wide range of grades and composition available for different jobs and profiles
  • Superior surface profile – garnet grains create a uniform profile virtually free of embedment, providing an excellent surface for coating adhesion
  • Cost–effective – highly effective, low consumption
  • Non-toxic – inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are
    less than 1%
  • Recyclable up to 5 times
  • Low dust levels – improved operator visibility
  • Easy cleanup
  • Non-reactant – will not interfere with your coatings
  • Non-porous – will not draw moisture