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Emerald Creek Garnet for Blasting Applications

Emerald Creek Garnet LTD. products are inert minerals, free of any harmful metals and low free silica. Their hardness and specific gravity make it a superior cutting abrasive. Our garnet media is diverse enough that it can be produced to cut through 20 mm of paint, providing a 4 mm profile or be used as a polishing agent.

  • Durable enough to be recycled six to eight times.
  • Blasts a clean surface while generating very little dust.

Emerald Creek mines and processes one of the premier garnet deposits in North America, and provides this garnet either washed or un-washed. Product can be packaged in 50, 2000, or 4000lb bags. Standard Packaging is 4,000lbs per pallet.

Don’t rely on single product sizing. Different jobs need different solutions. Let Emerald Creek Garnet LTD. size a blasting product to economically solve your cleaning needs. Emerald Creek Garnet LTD. blasting materials are recyclable, low dust, and are available in over 20 different sizes ranging from #8/12 to #325 U.S. screen. These are a few of our more popular sizes…

Emerald Creek Garnet 16Mesh

#16 mesh has gained acceptance as a cost saving recycling media, its ideal for blast rooms and provides a 3-4 mil profile on blasting steel, bridges, ships and tanks.

Emerald Creek Garnet 36Mesh

Our #36 mesh is ideal for all industries, it is uncrushed for low dusting. 36 is fast, efficient, and recyclable.

Emerald Creek Garnet 30 40Mesh

#30/40 mesh is the ultimate blasting abrasive for the general cleaning of steel, tanks, and ships (2-2.5 mil). It is a pure, clean product that is crushed to provide a superior cutting edge. The 30/40 mesh garnet requires less abrasive for blasting.

Emerald Creek Garnet 60Mesh

#60 mesh is ideal for all surfaces that require a 1.5 – 2 mil profile. It is a very clean efficient product that is perfect for mill scale removal on new steel.

Emerald Creek Garnet 80Mesh

#80 mesh is perfect for marine aluminum applications. It sets the new standard for hydro blast cleaning.

Emerald Creek Garnet 100Mesh

#100 sets the standard for polishing new aluminum and makes a perfect waterjet cutting media.