Operator Safety Systems

We carry everything the modern blasting and painting contractor needs to blast safely and efficiently. We specialize in selling portable blast machine systems and offer an array of industrial-quality blast machines, accessories, and parts.

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Ambient Air Pumps

CAP-1 Ambient Air Pump CAP-1 Ambient Air Pump

CAP-4 Ambient Air Pump CAP-4 Ambient Air Pump

Apollo Series Supplied-Air Respirator

Apollo 20 HP & LP Supplied-Air Respirator

,Apollo 60 HP & LP Supplied-Air Respirator

Apollo 600 HP & LP Supplied-Air Respirator

Apollo Wireless Communication Systems

Apollo WiComm-50 Set

Apollo WiComm-Pro Set

Blast Suits & Gloves

Seasonal Light-Duty Blast Suit

Traditional Heavy-Duty Blast Suit

Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

CMS-1 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

Clemco Comfort Vest

Comfort Vest

In-Line Air Filters

CPF 20 and CPF 80 Air Filter

Respirator Air Control Valve

ACV Air Control Valve

Clem-Cool Air Conditioner

Climate Control Tube

Cool Air Tube

Blast Cleaning Equipment

We stock and sell Quality Blasting, Surface Preparation & Finishing Equipments from Clemco.

Opta Minerals is Your One Source for blast cleaning products including slags, mineral based abrasives, metal based abrasives, and organic abrasives, as well as a complete line of blast cleaning equipment and supplies.