Blast Machine Accessories

We carry everything the modern blasting and painting contractor needs to blast safely and efficiently. We specialize in selling Clemco portable blast machine systems and offer an array of industrial-quality blast machines, accessories, and parts.

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Blast Hose

Supa Blast Hose

2-Braid Blast Hose

4-Ply Blast Hose

Blast Machine Remote Controls

RLX Electric Control Handle

RLX Pneumatic Control Handle

Coalescent Filter

High Volume Compressed Air Coalescent Filter

Nozzle Holders

NHP Nylon Nozzle Holders


Boron Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed BSD Series

Clemlite® Lined Metal Jacketed Long Venturi

Clemlite® Lined Urethane Jacketed Long Venturi

Tungsten Carbide Lined Angle CAM Series

Tungsten Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed Long & Short Venturi

Tungsten Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed Short Straight Barrel CT Series

Tungsten Carbide Lined Rubber Jacketed Long & Short Venturi

Quick Couplings

CFP, Threaded Quick Couplings

CQP Nylon Quick Couplings

Safety Cable

Blast Hose Safety Cable

Screens & Covers

Blast Machine Screens & Covers