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Britesphere Road Beads

Britesphere Reflective Glass Beads are used for road marking paints and thermoplastic road marking materials to provide excellent retro-reflective performance and durability. Britesphere beads are consistent in quality and composition. Strict quality control guarantees truly round glass beads for optimum reflection. Britesphere beads are available in various coatings to ensure flotation and adhesion or to resist agglomeration.

The Britesphere family of products includes the following product lines:

Britesphere 247

Britesphere 247 meets or exceeds AASHTO 247 specification for pavement marking beads. It has been submitted to and passed all tests prescribed by AASHTO.

Britesphere 247 LITE

Britesphere 247 Lite meets or exceeds AASHTO 247 specification for pavement marking beads, with the added benefit of scoring well below the stringent new heavy metal limit proposed by Caltrans (California DOT) of 200 ppm.

Britesphere Road Beads Graph

Britesphere OPSS 1750

Britesphere OPSS 1750 meets or exceeds specifications set by the Ontario Provincial Standard Specification for traffic paint reflectorizing glass beads.


Britesphere Glass Bead products are available non-coated and in one of the following coatings:

  • Silicone – for optimal flow-ability and moisture repellency
  • Silane – to enhance floatation and paint adhesion
  • Dual Coating – a mixture of silicone and silane coating