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Britesphere OPSS 1750

Britesphere OPSS 1750 meets or exceeds the Ontario Provincial Standard Specification for reflectorizing glass beads. Britesphere OPSS 1750 beads are transparent, clean, colorless glass, smooth and spherically shaped, free from milkiness, pits, or excessive air bubbles.

Briteshpere OPSS 1750 meet the following gradation requirements when tested according to ASTM D1214:

US Standard ASTM E11 Sieve Series Opening micron Percentage Passing by Dry Mass Overlay Type
No. 20 850 100
No. 30 600 95-100
No. 40 425 45-70
No. 50 300 20-40
No. 70 212 5-20
No. 100 150 0-3

The OPSS 1750 specification adheres to the following standards for testing:

ASTM Standards

E11 Wire cloth sieves for testing purposes

D 1214 Test method of Sieve Analysis of Glass Spheres

D 1155 Test method for roundness of glass spheres

Other properties spelled out by OPSS 1750 adhered to by Britesphere OPSS1750 include: Testing for imperfections, water resistance, packaging, delivery, and measurement.

Advantages Of Britesphere OPSS 1750

  • No characteristics of toxicity
  • Exceeds min. 80% roundness
  • All Britesphere road marking beads are available:
    • Non-coated
    • Silicone coated
    • Silane coated
    • Silicone/Silane (dual) coated
  • Refractive index ≥ 1.503
  • Consistent quality to guarantee excellent retro-reflective performance
  • All Britesphere Glass Beads for Road Marking paints are manufactured and tested according to ASTM Specifications


Color: Colorless and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurities.
Density 2.4 – 2.6 g/cm3
Grain Shape Spherical bead, guaranteed 80% roundness, actual Average 85%
Refractive Index ≥ 1.50


  • 55 lb paper bags, 2200 lb (40 bags) Super Sacs
  • 2200 lb Super Sacs
  • Custom screened and larger sizes available upon request.