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Crushed Glass

“Greengrit” (10-20) Pool Filtration crushed glass is made of 100% crushed recycled glass that has been washed, disinfected, dried, screened, and bagged.

How It Works

The coarse, angular material is effective in trapping dirt and impurities in the filter, and offers greater filtration power than sand.

Glass grains are less porous. The crushed glass does not saturate itself compared to sand (does not form a cake in the filter).

Advantages of Crushed Glass for Water Filtration

  • Higher filtration power (filtration level) than sand and improves water clarity
  • Reduction of back-wash times and quantity
  • May reduce chlorine and algaecide consumption. Glass stays clean in the filter; there is no algae formed in the filter
  • Since glass is lighter (less dense) than sand, a smaller quantity is required to fill the filter—42 lb. of glass replaces 50 lb. of sand
  • In many cases, glass has been known to remain effective up to 10 years, compared to 2 to 3 years with sand

Available Sizes and Profiles

#10-20 Mesh – Size distribution is specially designed for pool filtration systems


Color: White/Green
Bulk Density: 78 lb/ft3
Chloride (ppm): < 2
Grain Shape: Angular
Solubility: Insoluble
Embedment: – 0.17% (a@100 psi)
Hardness: 6 Mohs


  • 50 lb. paper bags, 40 bags/pallet
  • 3000 lb. super sacs

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