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Opta is a recognized leader in producing and distributing high-quality, custom-blended synthetic slags for use by the steel industry.

Opta’s synthetic slags alter the chemistry—and eliminate the adverse effects—of naturally-occurring slag. Improved refractory performance, castability, and sulfur control are just some of the positive results from our synthetic slag.

We make our products to order utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that ensure consistency. We manufacture our custom blends to tolerances so incredibly tight they rival pharmaceutical levels, an achievement virtually unheard-of in the industry.

Opta Group acquired Metcan Industrial Corporation in November 2021 to add manufacturing capacity for highly engineered synthetic slags.


Custom Blended. A Focus on Quality.

Opta produces high volumes of custom-blended synthetic slag for customers of all sizes. We ship everything from small, 25-pound bags to massive tanker trucks. And we formulate synthetic slags to the requirements of individual clients, without “catalog” chemistries.

A focus on quality and extensive knowledge of the industry, manufacturing processes, and chemistry account for our success.

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