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SKW is a global partner to all manufacturers of high-quality steel products.

Our primary and secondary metallurgy solutions enable manufacturers throughout the world to make high-quality products while controlling costs. We offer technologies and processes to meet every customer’s unique needs.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence—and our ongoing research for new, improved processes—SKW enjoys a reputation for being the global market leader in liquid metal treatment.

Our Reliability is Forged in Steel


Our mission involves providing top-quality, cost-effective products for liquid metal treatment.


The first step in steelmaking entails reducing iron ore to liquid iron or hot metal. Click to learn more →


Making steel. from iron is the secondary refining process, also know as secondary metallurgy. Click to learn more →

SKW: When it comes to our products, we have a steely resolve that only the best will do.


SKW is an affiliate of Opta Group, the world leader in desulfurization, fluxes, and cored-wire products.