The world leader in liquid metal treatment.


SKW offers customers more than familiar products and services—we have been providing consistent quality for more than 50 years.

SKW is a global partner to all manufacturers of high-quality steel products.

Our primary and secondary metallurgy solutions enable manufacturers throughout the world to make high-quality products while controlling costs. We offer technologies and processes to meet every customer’s unique needs.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence—and our ongoing research for new, improved processes—SKW enjoys a reputation for being the global market leader in liquid metal treatment.

Our Reliability is Forged in Steel



The first step in steelmaking entails reducing iron ore to liquid iron or hot metal. Click to learn more →


Making steel from iron is the secondary refining process, also known as secondary metallurgy. Click to learn more →

Our mission involves providing top-quality, cost-effective products for liquid metal treatment.

SKW is an affiliate of Opta Group, the world leader in desulfurization, fluxes, and cored-wire products.