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Deoxidizer Briquettes for use as deox or slag conditioners when added at the tap or elsewhere in your process.

We engineer high-quality, custom briquettes to meet your needs.

We define products that refine results.

Our premium aluminum briquettes are cold-pressed high-quality aluminum, eliminating the higher costs of furnace-melted metal and the environmental concerns that go with it.

We touch every part of the melt-to-cast process. And we can tailor solutions to meet your mill’s needs.

All our briquette production processes are 100 percent electric, helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Which is something your customers will appreciate.

Slag Conditioning and Deoxidizing

Deox 995 (95% Aluminum)

An economical replacement for Grade 1 Aluminum Deox for steel deoxidation. Available in 25 and 50 lb. bags, supersack, or bulk dump.

Deox 70 (70% Aluminum)

Developed as a slag conditioner for Al-killed steels at the LMF or tap. A combination of fluxes plus aluminum allows aluminum in the briquette to dissolve quickly at the slag-metal interface.

Faster and more efficient than straight Al and replaces other forms of Al or CaC2 on a pound-for-pound basis. Available in 25 and 50 lb. bags, supersack, or bulk dump.