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We are world leaders in designing innovative technology to solve unique metallurgical problems. We develop novel products and practices to tackle tasks that existing tools cannot address. Where the technology does not exist, we design and build custom equipment to meet the need.

We specify, supply, and implement the latest in technology—keeping you competitive and up to date.

Our globally recognized technology is backed by US patents and designed to optimize steel yield and reduce disturbances during casting.


Installed in over 50 steel plants globally, Opta’s SlagTracker System is an advanced solution for slag detection, offering consistent control. Recognizing the initial incidence of slag entrainment in the steel stream, the system can minimize slag carryover or maximize steel yield. A specialized Tundish camera provides a redundant alarm and valuable insights for monitoring flux cover. The system features grade-specific sensitivity, a custom HMI, and optional shroud alignment, ensuring flexibility and optimal ladle shut-off times. Self-diagnostics, plant data flexibility, and rapid commissioning support ease of implementation. With advanced image analysis, the SlagTracker System stands as a reliable and comprehensive tool for operators.

Slag Tracker
Furnace Slag Detection

Furnace Slag Detection & SlagView

OPTA’s SlagView furnace tapping system addresses the challenges posed by changes in furnace geometry, process inconsistency, and varying charge weights, which contribute to fluctuations in furnace yield and slag carryover. This innovative system optimizes productivity by guiding operators through the tapping process, utilizing software-enhanced video images captured by our ‘aggressive environment’ and ‘extreme environment’ cameras. These images, combined with real-time and historical process data, are displayed on a single interface, allowing operators to make informed decisions for an optimized tap.

Furnace Slag Detection

TruStir™: Ladle Stirring Control

OPTA’s TruStir system is equipped with an operator interface that offers ease of use and convenience. Experience consistent stirring rates even under changing process conditions, supporting optimal steel quality. Our system consists of key components, including an accelerometer, a signal conditioning unit, a central processing unit, and an interface for connection with your plant data system for timely data reporting. Suitable for single or dual-plug systems, making it a versatile solution that can be applied to ladles at LF, VTD, treatment stands, or on the turret.



Our expertise as system integrators empowers you with cutting-edge hardware and software technology for high-speed data acquisition and analysis.

Opta delivers proven advanced steelmaking technology with complete in-house hardware and software customization and integration. Our capability covers a range of computer-based vision display and analysis, vibration analysis, and data collection and analysis systems. Opta excels in new technology development, rapid system design, prototyping, and customization achieving results 4-10 times faster than traditional methods.