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As metallurgical consultants, we can help you refine results.

Whether you want to speed up processing time from tap to cast, improve compatibility with ladle refractories, improve steel quality and cleanliness, or reduce emissions at the tap, Opta can help you better define the chemistry of slag you need to do the job—and at competitive pricing.

Technical and metallurgical assistance.

Opta can enhance your process performance by applying technological innovation across various metallurgical needs. Our world-class engineers and scientists provide steelmakers with access to unsurpassed primary and secondary metallurgy expertise. As a result, Opta customers achieve metallurgical treatment consistency while decreasing cored-wire consumption.

Our innovative tools help analyze nonmetallic-inclusion populations in terms of number, size, chemical compositions of inclusion phases, and spatial distribution of inclusions. We deliver results in many formats (comparison of number and size of inclusions, ternary diagrams, standard methods) in a complete evaluation report.


  • Engineering support in secondary steelmaking for cored-wire application
  • Technical support in secondary metallurgy assistance for Ca treatment, trimming, and other treatment additions
  • Technical support in raw materials selection and control


  • Statistical analysis of the secondary metallurgy process databases
  • Chemical equilibrium simulation (dedicated thermodynamics software)
  • Chemical & physical analysis
  • Automatic SEM analysis of micro-inclusions in steel

Slag Design Services

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Proprietary Modeling

Our proprietary computer model aids in custom design slags, fluxes, and slag conditioners to your specifications.

Innovative Engineering Assessments

We can gauge slag effects on your manufacturing process and suggest improvements to increase output.

Anker Industries Photos
Anker Industries Photos

Refractory Compatibility

Our ladle refractory compatibility service helps measure the chemical affinity among the slag and refractory systems in the ladle, furnace, and tundish.