Personnel Management

Hiring, developing, and retaining motivated employees who identify with the company is a great challenge today. That’s why we recognize our professionals as Tecnosulfur’s most important assets.

In-house Selection: Tecnosulfur prioritizes this process because it reveals and promotes its in-house talents and values our existing intellectual capital.

Outside Selection: Tecnosulfur outsources résumé screening, interviews, competence evaluations, and psychological profiles for the outside candidate selection process. Then, selected applicants meet with a Tecnosulfur manager for final hands-on testing and approval.

Professional qualifications are imperative for individuals and organizations intending to remain competitive in the marketplace. Tecnosulfur invests in a Training Plan for all its employees. Additionally, the company provides an Education Allowance for its employees’ personal and professional development efforts to foster the continuous improvement of its workforce.

  • Unimed Medical Assistance Plan: extensive to direct dependents
  • Odontovida Dental Assistance Plan: extensive to direct dependents
  • Feeding during working hours: 100 percent funded by Tecnosulfur
  • Food Allowance (Visa Vale): 100 percent funded by Tecnosulfur
  • Means of Transportation and Transportation Stipend: 100 percent funded by Tecnosulfur
  • Medicine discounts through agreements with pharmacies and drugstores
  • Profit Sharing
  • Recreational club membership
  • Education Allowance: 50 percent of the monthly school fee, regardless of the kind of course: elementary school, high school, college, postgraduate studies, master’s degree, and language courses; Tecnosulfur-funded
  • Housing Incentive
  • Group life insurance

Unimed Preventive Medicine Program

The Unimed Preventive Medicine program at Tecnosulfur operates to protect against diseases and improve the quality of life. The aim is to encourage the reflection and perception of life and guide our employees to achieve balance among the several segments of life. The program consists of an interdisciplinary team with professionals of the following fields: medicine, psychology, nutrition, nursing, physical education, social work, environment, and logistics.

Unimed program is developed from an operating model comprehending:

  • Stage 1: Identification of all the employees by means of questions asked in person by the nursing team; comprising family, social, and environmental risk factors; evaluation of the anthropometric data; and blood pressure measurement
  • Stage 2: Classification of patients in risk-based groups
  • Stage 3: Presentation of the initial diagnosis to the company, with discussions on monitoring and intervention approaches for each group
  • Stage 4: Group monitoring actions, with the participation of the interdisciplinary team using individual and group approaches; the individual actions include service to persons under risk and NTCDs (Non-transmissible Chronic Diseases) carriers by the medical, nursing, nutrition, psychology, physical education, and social work teams; actions developed by the groups are performed according to the epidemiologic profile of the company and resorting to a playful approach and music-as-educational tools to inform the individuals
  • Stage 5: Revaluation of the results and redefinition of strategies at Tecnosulfur

Such actions result in more physical and psychological balance, giving employees better quality of life and health.

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