Opta Group is the pre-eminent global leader in supplying specialty chemicals and engineered performance materials for application across various industries, including steel, aluminum, copper, glass, cement, paper, and chemicals.

Our expertise lies in sourcing materials, chemicals, and metallurgical additives to create custom blends, along with providing comprehensive customer solutions and field services tailored to each customer's unique application, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

Pursuing Optimal Performance

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of performance solutions for metallurgical, value-added glass, and specialty chemical applications. To achieve this objective, we aim to profitably grow our annual revenues to $1 billion through internal growth and selective acquisitions.


Our brands.

Opta Molten

The world leader in desulfurization, custom-designed fluxes, and cored-wire products.

The products and expertise to be your one source for all metallurgical needs.

OPTA offers a diverse product portfolio of molten solutions serving the iron, steelmaking, foundry, aluminum, and copper industries. Our unparalleled metallurgical expertise has enabled us to become the world leader in iron desulfurization, slag conditioners, tundish fluxes, and cored-wire products.


The first to produce cored wire and still the world leader in cutting-edge technology.

Affival is the globally renowned leader in cored-wire manufacturing and application.

As liquid steel treatment specialists, we’ve refined ladle-processing technology through our unparalleled experience and continuous research and development efforts. Affival’s quality manifests itself in the products we sell and in the customer service we provide. And our reliability has become an international standard.

QUAB Chemicals

Cationizing reagents manufactured to precise specifications and certified for consistent quality.

QUAB® cationizing reagents help our customers improve the quality and performance of their products.

QUAB cationizing reagents impart a positive charge to a wide range of substrates. The resulting high-strength cationic polymers offer beneficial surface-active properties for countless applications. Continued product innovation has made QUAB a global leader in cationizing reagents. Customers trust us for supply consistency, outstanding customer service, and application know-how.

Opta Industrial Minerals Group

North America’s leading integrated processor, distributor, and seller of industrial minerals.

Silica-free abrasives for blast cleaning, construction, water filtration, and water-jet cutting.

Our abrasive products segment manufactures, processes, and distributes silica-free abrasives for blast cleaning, construction, water filtration, and water-jet cutting. We process and distribute industrial mineral products to the foundry industry, including bentonite clays used for binders in the foundry molding industry. This segment also sources and distributes a full offering of resin-coated sands.

OPTA Glass

Redefining recycled glass products for the construction materials industry.

We’re contributing to lowering the industry’s environmental impact and promoting waste minimization.

Using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and proprietary milling systems, Opta Glass is ready to provide fine recycled glass products unlike any in North America. With its Waterdown, Ontario, flagship production facility planned to open in June 2024, Opta Glass products will be available in 2,000-pound Super-sacs or bulk pneumatic tankers.

News releases.

Opta Group LP Acquires Performix Metallurgical Additives, LLC

Acquisition expands Opta’s performance materials and specialty chemicals platform.

Opta Group Acquires Anker Industries

Addition expands Opta’s premium product offerings and clean steel initiatives.

Opta Group Acquires NuFlux LLC and Nupro Corporation

Additions further Opta’s goal to be a premier service provider.


Optimal performance. Optimal opportunities.

At Opta, we’ve become the best by hiring the finest.

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