Wire injection using Affival cored wire is the most cost-effective process for in-ladle treatment.

We make our cored wire using low-carbon, low-sulfur steel sheath, where we tightly encase powdered minerals, metals, and ferroalloys. These powders are precisely added in a way that ensures consistent chemistry and density throughout the length of every coil we produce.

Our calcium wires are designed with a special insulation to provide deeper penetration into liquid metal and improved performance. Furthermore, our technical team can leverage our newly developed calcium treatment model to optimize your calcium-wire treatment and improve recovery.

Cored wire can contain any of the following:

Calcium Treatment & Inclusion Modification

Shape control includes all calcium-bearing cored wires (powder and solid) such as PapCal®, Calcium HDx ™, Caltech, CaSi, CaFe, and CaAlFe. Our Ca wires are designed with special insulation to provide deeper penetration into liquid metal and improved performance. Contact us to learn more →

Alloy Addition & Trimming

Includes addition of metals and ferroalloys such as Titanium sponge, FeTi FeB, FeV, FeNb, FeMn, FeMo, and Carbon. Contact us to learn more →

Aluminum Deoxidizer

Aluminum is the most common deoxidizer in steelmaking and is useful as a grain refiner. Contact us to learn more →


Nitrogen-bearing cored wire, used in steelmaking for controlled nitride formations. Contact us to learn more →

Machinability Improvement

Adding Sulfur, Fe, Lead, Bismuth, BiMn, Tellurium, or FeTeMn to improve machinability by forming specific and complex inclusions. Contact us to learn more →


Metals and alloys, such as Rare Earths (Ce, La, Nd) and Zirconium, for highly specialized and customized applications to attain particular steel properties. Contact us to learn more →

Nodulizer Cored Wires

Nodulizer Cored Wires are based on magnesium content; the objective is to add magnesium in the liquid iron to modify and control the spheroidal shape of graphite during the solidification to produce Ductile Iron. Contact us to learn more →

Inoculant Cored Wires

Inoculant Cored Wires control the structure and properties of cast iron, Lamellar, or Ductile Iron, by minimizing undercooling and increasing the number of nucleation sites during solidification. Contact us to learn more →

Desulfurizer Cored Wires

Desulfurizer Cored Wires combine calcium with selected ingredients that desulfurize foundry iron while yielding no unreacted calcium carbide in the discharged slag, benefitting foundries facing environmental constraints on waste disposal. Contact us to learn more →

Copper Cored Wires

Developed for steelmaking and cast iron foundry, cored wires are used in copper and brass melts for the addition of chemical elements as Mg, Cr, Fe, Ca, CuZr. Suitable for continuous or batch processes. Contact us to learn more →

At Affival, we understand that the equipment you use for application is just as important as the product itself. We offer a wide range of Wire Feeder Range options that can be designed specifically for your setup.


Reliability, flexibility, and robustness: Decades of experience culminate in the most adaptable design for secondary metallurgy. Contact us to learn more →


Efficiency and compactness. We spent 15 years developing the most efficient technology of surface feeding for the best TCO in the most challenging conditions. Contact us to learn more →

Ready to Use

We spent 35 years developing a compact design that produces high performance and reliability. Contact us to learn more →


Adapted for foundry or any treatment application where precision and repeatability are critical. Contact us to learn more →


Lowest investments with compact technology—concentrated in innovative design. Contact us to learn more →

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