At Affival, we understand that the equipment you use for application is just as important as the product itself. We offer a wide range of Wire Feeder options that can be designed specifically for your setup.


Affival has vast hands-on experience with various hardware and software, and we can provide solutions for each customer’s preferred operating system. We engineer every component for simple, safe, and efficient operation, and we provide complete, ongoing training and technical support.

We approach every project we undertake with customized service and unparalleled support. Our commitment to long-term customer relationships ensures optimum reliability. Affival field service technicians are available around the clock to perform preventive and emergency maintenance.

Wire Feeder Range

Reliability, flexibility, and robustness: Decades of experience culminate in the most adaptable design for secondary metallurgy.

Advanced feeder

Efficiency and compactness. We spent 15 years developing the most efficient technology of surface feeding for the best TCO in the most challenging conditions.

Performance feeder

We spent 35 years developing a compact design that produces high performance and reliability.

Ready to Use feeder

Adapted for foundry or any treatment application where precision and repeatability are critical.

Precision feeder

Lowest investments with compact technology—concentrated in innovative design.

Basic feeder