It’s all about what you add.

When it comes to producing superior steel, what you add matters. At Affival, quality is the essential ingredient.

Our Core Values

Meeting Customer Needs

Affival R&D engineers are regularly developing new products in response to customer needs. Our unmatched flexibility positions us to meet customer expectations in terms of quality, lead time, and volume.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing investment in people and technology allows Affival to improve our products and procedures continually.


Our R&D team interacts with customers, academics, and industry specialists to foresee trends and developments within the international steel market. That leads to the sort of innovation our clients demand and appreciate most.


Affival customers have come to value and depend on our unmatched reliability. We strive to deliver quality products on time, every time.

Quality of Life

Affival is an industry leader in environmental responsibility and safety. All manufacturing, storage, and product-handling procedures are in strict compliance with international standards.